Promotional Merchandising

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Promoting your merchandise encompasses your store displays, lighting, promotional materials and your store fixtures. Your marketing approach should include all of these areas and each should be heavily weighted. You can increase your sales by researching pricing and offering promotional sales, but you should also seriously consider product positioning and merchandise presentation. The decisions you make should reflect the style and brand image that you wish to portray. Keep your customers in mind and be a little creative while you consider the research that you’ve done.

Your store displays will give the general feel of your store to your customers. Budget wisely and consider what impression that you want to make. This is also where you can make the most of the space that you have available. Slatwall systems make the most of the space. You can display floor to ceiling with a free-standing or installed slatwall system. A slatwall system is a shelving system that consists of shelves, hanging bars and display panels. Many different styles and finishes are available. Choose one with your stores theme and feel in mind. Chain link and brushed metal give an urban feel, while glass and dark woods give a more elegant impression. You can display more than just clothing on a slatwall system. Jewelry, belts, sporting goods and shoes are all displayable. Slatwall accessories can help you make the most of your space. Hooks, hanging rails, bars and shelves provide places for just about any kind of merchandise to be displayed. Whether you choose a system that fades into the background and floats your merchandise, or you choose one that makes a statement, you’re sure to find a merchandising solution that works for you.

Your next consideration is lighting. Lighting can draw attention to your most prominent products or help promote a sale. It can also light up areas that may not always be visible to your employees and help reduce shoplifting and theft. Lighting considerations should extend into your dressing rooms for this purpose as well. Thieves are less likely to steal in a well lit environment. It sends a signal to them that they may be being watched and makes them more uncomfortable when they’re considering shoplifting. Your window displays should have great lighting to attract people to your store. Spotlighting central features is important. Interesting lighting design catches the eye and helps you have more success with your advertising efforts. Use bright lights in your counter displays and around the higher priced or smaller items that could be more easily stolen. A little creativity in this area could cut down on your losses and boost your sales in one easy step.

Use signage and lighting together to promote a sale. Signage should be used in your dressing rooms to let people know that shoplifting will not be tolerated. Let people know that cameras may be in use in the store. Signage placed in your window displays or outside of the store can alert potential customers that you are having a sale or that new products have arrived. Promotional merchandising doesn’t need to be expensive to work, but keep in mind that the benefits of utilizing every aspect of these materials can not only make your store more appealing, but cut down on losses and gain new customers as well.
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