What is YOUR perfect business?

Starting your own business can be the most exciting and fulfilling experience of your life. It really can! Just ask any entrepreneur about his or her business, and you will immediately recognize their heightened level of enthusiasm. PerfectBusiness brings together thousands of people who share this passion. What's yours?

Entrepreneurs are challenged by unforeseen obstacles and the pessimism of others. It is not always easy to launch a successful business. It requires capital, knowledge, a good plan and the right business contacts. PerfectBusiness aims to help entrepreneurs overcome all of these challenges.

Everything you need to launch and grow a business

Our website is a network of entrepreneurs, investors and business experts. Everyone on our site is here to encourage entrepreneurship and mutual success. PerfectBusiness will introduce you to new business contacts and answer your toughest questions.

You will not be alone in launching and growing your business. We are YOUR network. We are behind YOU. Whenever you need answers or help, think PerfectBusiness.

PerfectBusiness also provides professional business planning software, startup resources and inspiring interviews with leading entrepreneurs. Services include exclusive offers from VirginMoney, LegalZoom, Entrepreneur Magazine and other strategic partners. The site is organized to help you CONNECT with entrepreneurs, LEARN how to succeed and ultimately, LAUNCH and grow your business.

When you are ready, you can pitch your new idea or your existing business to accredited venture capitalists and angel investors. On PerfectBusiness, you can raise the capital you need.

We know what it takes

We have started many businesses ourselves. Combined, we have launched dozens of businesses-including websites, restaurants, bars, hotels, concert venues, magazines, collectibles businesses, live events, music festivals, film production companies, property management and commercial/residential real estate.

Mark is best-known for WestsideRentals.com, which is California's #1 apartment and rental search site. Mark is also a very active entrepreneur in the Los Angeles area with numerous business and real estate holdings.

How it all started

Mark has helped many friends start businesses by providing advice, money and introductions. He and his partner recognized the need for a startup resource that offers these exact services. PerfectBusiness began as an idea in late 2006 and launched in March 2008.

Now it's up to you

The good news is that PerfectBusiness provides everything you need to launch and grow a business, including educational videos, articles, events, business plan software and access to experts and investors.

The bad news is that you have NO MORE EXCUSES!

"I don't know how."
"I don't have the connections."
"I don't have the money."

None of these excuses are valid anymore. PerfectBusiness is the solution.